Well I’m not too sure what to say here except for welcome to my site.

The Men’s Electric Shavers is a pretty self-explanatory title and I hope you understand the meaning right away. One thing I’d like to clarify though is that I do not sell razors myself, I just talk about them and which ones are the best in my opinion.

I think a lot of people are quick to disregard electric razors, and I understand why. They are generally inferior to good quality razors such as straight or safety razors. In fact there’s a great article here about safety razors.

However, when you consider that there are LOADS of different electric razors available, it makes sense that a lot of them are excellent too doesn’t it?

For every bad electric out there, there are two or three good ones, and for every good wet razor, there are some just as good electrics.

Advantages Of Electric Razors

Let’s take a quick look here about why I think people are too quick to write them off at times.

1.) Electric razors are more convenient in general.

2.) Electric razors are a single-purchase tool, unlike cartridge razors.

3.) You can travel with them easily.

4.) Less dexterity is needed, and you can often trim your beard/sideburns better.

5.) They don’t take as much skill.

I’m sure you and I could think of some more reasons besides these, but those are the basics, and you have to admit they are pretty strong advantages.

This Site’s Role

On this site I’m planning to review various razors, and write about what sort of things you need to consider when making purchases.

I can’t possibly review everything, but if I can better educate you on the mysteries of selecting a good brand and model, then I can consider my job well done.

I will also be giving some general shaving and grooming tips as well, and hopefully during my online travels I’ll find some other decent sites to share with you as well, so let me know if there are any you can recommend.

I’m only doing this in my spare time, so forgive me if I don’t keep the site as fully updated as it should be, or if I don’t post as frequently as you might like.

If you do like what you’re seeing though, it would spur me on if you could give me some encouragement in the form of a comment or some social sharing and stuff like that.

Until we meet again!

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